Nandi Daybed


The Nandi Daybed was designed by Klemens Grund exclusively for Phantom Hands.  This distinctive piece is made of solid teak wooden slats that are curved at the ends. The slats rest on a frame with cylindrical legs. The gently-curved ends of the slats are achieved using a special technique to bend the wood by slotting a small piece of wood into the larger piece. This method saves material and limits the amount of waste generated during production. It also lends the bed a distinctive aesthetic with contrasting grain patterns at the ends of the slats. “When technical constraints create a beautiful ornament in the end, it is always a gift from the universe," designer Klemens Grund says with a smile.

The daybed is a historically significant piece of furniture in several South Asian regions. Known as charpai or khatiya, it is still a regular feature in rural homes across north India. The Nandi Daybed is available in Natural Teak and Dark Stain wood finishes and comes with a customised mattress and loose cushions inspired by the traditional Indian mattress known as a gadda. Stuffed with organic cotton, the mattress is hand tufted using traditional methods and upholstered in a selection of handspun cotton and silk fabrics from the textile maker Zanav. 

H 13.8 in x W 36.5 in x D 80.6 in
H 35 cm x W 92.5 cm x D 204.5 cm 

Lead time 8-10 weeks.

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