Phantom Hands Tangāli Bench


The Tangāli Bench was the first product prototyped during design duo INODA+SVEJE's second visit to the Phantom Hands' workshop in August 2018. Having seen the level of skill and dexterity of the Phantom Hands' cane weavers during their first visit in 2017, INODA+SVEJE pushed these traditional weavers to make patterns that are not traditional to Indian furniture but were complementary to the form of this bench. The contours of this elegant bench are defined by the wood elements which are completely shaped by hand. It is available in Natural Teak and Dark Stain wood finishes. This piece works well as a bench, for seating, or as a side table.

Phantom Hands decided to name the collection after the cool monsoon breeze that accompanied INODA+SVEJE's visit to Bangalore. Tangāli means cool breeze in the Kannada language (spoken locally in Bangalore where the Phantom Hands workshop is based).

This bench is also available in the compact size which you will find in a separate listing.

H 16.2 in x W 70.89 in x D 17.2 in
H 41 cm x W 180 cm x D 43.5 cm

Lead time 8-10 weeks. 

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