Phantom Hands Tangāli Daybed


The design of the Tangāli Daybed by INODA+SVEJE is defined by the wood elements which are completely shaped by hand. Also central to its design is the cane weaving pattern, which is not a traditional Indian pattern and yet was developed, in a collaboration between INODA+SVEJE and the Phantom Hands weavers, to complement the form of the daybed. Innovation in cane weaving patterns was a hallmark of the design process for the Tangāli collection.

Phantom Hands decided to name the collection after the cool monsoon breeze that accompanied INODA+SVEJE's visit to Bangalore. Tangāli means cool breeze in the Kannada language (spoken locally in Bangalore where the Phantom Hands workshop is based).

The daybed is known as 'charpoy' in India and is an essential and historically significant piece of furniture. Versions of the charpoy are seen in most homes in rural India even today. They are usually made with wood and woven fabric or ropes. Pierre Jeanneret is credited with designing several modernist variants of the daybed during his stay in Chandigarh in the 1950s, including some for his personal use.

This daybed is available in Natural Teak and Dark Stain wood finishes. The bolster is included and is upholstered in handmade cotton fabric.

H 16.2 in x W 74.9 in x D 29.4 in
H 41 cm x W 190 cm x D 74.5 cm  

Lead time 8-10 weeks. 

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