Phantom Hands x+l Room Divider


The x+l Room Divider is part of a collection of objects designed by Amsterdam-based design duo, x+l, inspired by the desire to recycle small blocks of teak that are produced as residual waste in Phantom Hands' furniture production process.  Each screen is unique and has slightly different blocks. The individual pieces of wood are shaped and polished by hand prior to assembly, making it a labour and skill intensive process.  This lovely room divider is offered in a large and a small size, and is available in the Natural Teak and Dark Stain wood finishes. Please see wood sample images in the link below.

Pricing for the two sizes is $3050 for the Large, and $2690 for the Small.

Large size:
H 70.9 in x W 61.3 in
H 180 cm x W 155.5 cm

Small size:
H 63 in x W 61.3 in
H 160 cm x W 155.5 cm 

Lead time 8-10 weeks.

See Wood Samples
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