Phantom Hands DW Stool

The DW Stool is the first product Phantom Hands prototyped in the DW Collection. The design of the stool uses simple and strong methods of construction, relying on traditional joinery that had been used before advanced technology became prevalent in woodworking. An example of this is the deliberately exposed joinery where the legs meet the bottom of the seat, rather than trimming the cylindrical tenons fully into the underside.

The piece is ideal for seating at a table or as a side table. It is robust, compact and especially suitable for small spaces and city apartments.

The stool is currently available in Natural Teak, Dark Stain and Blue (with a surcharge of $90).

H 16.4 in x W 15.6 in x D 15.6 in
H 41.5 cm x W 39.5 cm x D 39.5 cm 

Lead time is 8-10 weeks.

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$1,080.00 Net