Nandi Dining Table

Every production cycle at the Phantom Hands workshop leaves piles of small, uneven, seemingly unusable pieces of wood. In an effort to reduce waste and utilize this precious wood, design collaborators are encouraged to incorporate leftover wood into product design. The Nandi dining table is a result of such an attempt to render woodshop debris functional.

This is a classic dining table with a large top composed of an arrangement of wooden pieces of different sizes. Collected from the workshop, each piece of wood is individually shaped and hand polished. Pieced together, they create a geometric texture or graphic inlay pattern that is unique to each table.

The top is divided into three detachable parts and fits into slots in a frame. The cylindrical legs of the table are also screwed into the frame. There is a deliberate narrow gap between the geometric table top and the frame all around, to allow for the natural seasonal expansion and contraction of wood. The table comes flat packed and is easy to dismantle, transport and set up.

The Nandi Dining Table is available in two variants--the standard eight-seat version ($6480) and the smaller six-seat version ($5720).  It is available in Natural Teak and Dark Stain wood finishes.

H 28.8 in x L 110.3 in x D 35.5 in
H 73 cm x L 280 cm x D 90 cm (Eight Seat Table)

H 28.8 in x L  88.6 in x D 35.5 in
H  73 cm x L 225 cm x D 90 cm (Six Seat Table)

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$6,480.00 Net