Limited Edition Series "Tension" by Weaver Taryn Slawson, 2020

This limited edition series by Taryn Slawson features her elemental, hand-woven, hemp textiles framed in walnut or beech wood frames with a distinct minimal design. Two available in a series of 6.

Woven frames :: 29” x 78” / walnut wood, beech wood, hemp / 2020

Taryn Slawson is a fiber artist living in Northern New Mexico, north of Santa Fe. She is self - taught in her weaving practice, working mostly with natural fibers like hemp and flax. Her work is an exploration into the unseen realms of time and energy; she is interested in communicating information visually through repetition / sequence / and series of frequency-based patterns. Taryn's work is one-of-a-kind, as each piece is a true testament to her dedication to slow craft-based techniques. INQUIRE Tearsheet

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